Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Elephant wedding cake toppers


  1. Kris, I just popped in to your Cruelty Free Christmas blog and saw your link to this one. I didn’t know you were crafty! These are all so good! (And I love elephants. And cats, of course!) Do you use Fimo? Do you buy in bulk? I used to make a lot of salt dough stuff, but the trouble with living in a damp house is that they don’t last forever... I’ll need to add this blog to my craft blogroll.
    Only one complaint. :o) There isn’t the option for a URL address and when I tried to comment using Wordpress it said I wasn’t signed in (?) and deleted it all! ARGH!

  2. Cruelty Free Kitchen, I should say!

  3. Yes, these are fimo and I bought some of the colours I think I'll use a lot of in bulk (350g packs) but others I didn't think I'd use so often in the smaller 56g packs. It's quite expensive but the best thing to do is go to one of the price comparison sites and they'll tell you which sellers currently have the best special offers on! ;)
    I'll have a look at the settings, thanks for letting me know x